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Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is a Home Inspection?   

A home inspection is an overall visual examination of the visible and accessible components of the home and its systems, taking into consideration its age and location, to provide a written report documenting our findings.  Our focus is on identifying structural deficiencies, safety concerns, mechanical issues and habitability issues.  

What does a Home Inspection include?   

Home inspections, with Elite, are performed in accordance with state and national guidelines.  We inspect exterior components, interior components, plumbing mechanicals, electrical mechanicals, insulation and ventilation and structural components.  

Do I need to be there during the Inspection?

No, you are not required to be present for an inspection. But we highly recommend that you be present. Its a valuable learning experience for most people and will help you get the most benefit from the inspection. 


How long will the Inspection take?  

The time will vary depending on both the size and condition of the home. For most homes, 2 hours is pretty typical. But for larger homes, or homes in poor condition, it may take longer.

Does a newly constructed home need an Inspection? 

Absolutely. A professional inspection of a new home is important. We can spot potential problems early, while they are still easy to correct. If you are part of the new build you can also take advantage of our Multi-Stage inspections which include:

Phase 1 - Foundation pre-pour

Phase 2 - Pre-Drywall

Phase 3 - Final Inspection

Can I do the Inspection myself? 

Of course you can, however, we are trained in the field and we have inspected thousands of homes. We are not only familiar with all the systems of a home, and how they work and need to be maintained, but we also know what to look for potential issues that could lead to repair of replacement. But beyond the technical expertise and experience a professional inspector brings, it is important to remember that the inspector remains an impartial third party.  The professional inspector will provide an objective outside reporting of the facts.

What if the Inspection uncovers problems? 

Our report will provide you the overall general condition of the home, with deficiencies noted on the summary.  Deficiencies are items/areas that are not functioning as intended, are a safety hazard or affect habitability. Our findings are followed with implications and recommendations on how to proceed to gain full knowledge of the scope and cost of a condition, prior to closing on the home.  It is important that the recommendations noted in the report are followed to gain a complete understanding of the observation. 


Will you fix the problems you find during the Inspection?  


No. The code of ethics typically prohibits inspectors from doing repair work on properties they inspect. This assures that there will never be any conflict of interest by the inspector. Our purpose is to provide an unbiased, objective third party report on the overall general condition of the home.

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