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Elite Home Inspections continues to remain at the top of its competition by staying current on all new laws and regulations, as well as gaining certification in necessary areas to continue to provide you with the level of expertise you have become accustomed. It is our goal to make the inspection process of your real estate transaction as seamless as possible. In our effort to do that we have teamed up with individuals to provide you the necessary additional inspections that are sometimes needed to assure a hassle free closing. These additional inspections include water quality analysis and certified visual septic inspections.


The NC Onsite Wastewater Septic Board has put into effect new laws and standards regarding septic inspections. These new laws became effective January 1, 2008 for the state of NC. This inspection only applies to real estate transactions that require a letter for documentation. If a lender, or other associated individual, does not require a septic letter for documentation of a visual septic inspection for closing then you will not need this additional certification.  You may opt for this additional inspection for further peace of mind, as this is an important component of your new home and it is a hidden component. 

This visual inspection is not Mandatory, as suggested by some Home Inspectors.  Check with your Real Estate Agent and/or your Mortgage Lender and Underwriter to determine if this inspection is required, as it is incurred at an additional cost.


However, septic systems in NC that do require a letter or form of visual inspection, to be used in a real estate transaction, must have this inspection performed by a NC certified septic inspector. Our company has completed the necessary schooling and exams to be certified by the NCOWCICB, however, as septic installation is not our field of practice we work with other professional and certified individuals, in the septic industry, to provide you this service in the event you need it.  This inspection can be scheduled at the time of the inspection, or at a later date.  We always recommend that a visual inspection be done after the Functional Flow Analysis, as the visual inspection involves pumping the septic tank and can give a false flow analysis report if the tank is empty.  We can provide the Functional Flow Analysis for you, and it is included with all of our complete home inspections where the property is on a septic system, as part of our plumbing inspection, for no additional fees. 

We recommend that this certification be completed after the home inspection findings are disclosed, in an effort to protect the client against the loss of unnecessary time/funds.

On the link below you will find some additional information regarding the statutes and websites that you can access to further clarify this new requirement. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.   


If you are buying a home with a septic tank, and order a home inspection, testing of your drain waste venting system (DWV) is included.  However, if you have waived a home inspection, you should still consider having your DWV system tested. 


The Functional Flow Analysis of the DWV includes performing a pressurized test on the DWV system. This test consists of loading the system with dye and tasking the system with a pre-determined amount of water which is released into the system at the same time.  The effect is to mimic possible "living" circumstances, where multiple water use at the same time are actually tasking your waste water system.  In the event the system has an area of concern the dye would be pushed to the surface under the consistent pressure and would highlight the general area of concern.  As a septic system is a hidden and buried component areas of concern can be at the inlet, outlet, tank, distribution box or drain field area.  This analysis allows the flow to be monitored throughout the system. Again, this functional flow analysis of the DWV is included in your standard home inspection.

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