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Our company offers written policies and procedures to better provide consistent services to our clients and agents.  We believe transparency is vital to customer service.  Please feel free to review the information noted below.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1.  A courtesy 24-hour business day (M-F) cancellation notice is requested.  Under certain circumstances a $100 cancellation fee may apply to cancellations, however, we strive to work with everyone, as we know things can happen.  If an inspection is cancelled while our inspector is en-route, or on site, a trip charge may be requested.  Please understand this is to cover time, travel and expenses incurred by our inspector.

2.  Please have all utilities, as applicable, on at the property (electric, water, gas, etc.). 

3. Please have the home open and accessible at the start time of the inspection.  

4.  If the utilities are not on, something is not accessible, or some area(s) of the inspection is compromised, our intention is to complete the inspection as scheduled.  We can always perform a reinspection, or check things at a repair verification, if necessary.  These inspection are provided at an additional fee (see below).  After the report is completed, unless it is something major, the client or agent may be able to verify minor things and a reinspection is not necessary. This will vary with properties and ultimately be determined by the client or agent.  The responsible party, for payment of a reinspection, is not determined by Elite, it's officers or agents.

5.  Elite is not responsible for locating/assessing service meters.


6.  We cannot be responsible for loose pets.  Please have all pets confined prior to arrival.  It is important that the entire property be available for inspection during the scheduled time, as we inspect concurrently.

7.  Payment is due at the start of the inspection.  The report will not be available until payment is received.  For your convenience we do accept Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, Credit or Debit, and payments can be made online or on-site.  We do not accept payment at closing at this time.

8.  Repair Verifications and Re-inspections start at $200*, and require pre-payment to be confirmed on our schedule.  These fees are not refundable, but this inspection can be rescheduled if needed, with advance notice.  

9.  We do ask that late arrivals be no later than 1 hour after the initial start of the inspection.  This is to make sure that your time with the inspector is not limited, as there may be another inspection on his/her schedule.  We want to have adequate time to review your report with you, and there is no way to adequately determine how long an inspection will take. 

10.  Reports are usually provided same day and provided via e-mail.  We are a digital office and do not have the capability to print, mail or fax reports.  If you need a printed copy, and do not have a printer, you can forward your email/report to a printing service.  Your agent may be able to help also.

11.  We reserve the right to make price adjustments, on the invoice or on-site, due to an error.

*Additional fees may apply

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