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Our company offers documented policies and procedures to better provide consistent services to our clients. Please feel free to review the information noted below.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 252-435-2329

1.  A 24-hour business day (M-F) cancellation notice is required.  A $100 cancellation fee will apply to cancellations with less than 24 business hours notice.  Additional Fees may apply to inspections scheduled in extended areas.

2.  All utilities are to be on at the property (electric, water, gas, etc.) as applicable. 

3.  If the utilities are not on, not accessible, or some area(s) of the inspection is compromised, it is understood that the inspection will be performed as scheduled.  A $150 trip charge will be due immediately for any jobs cancelled on-site.  Please understand this is to cover time, travel and company expenses; as we arrived as contracted.

4. The home is to be open and accessible at the start time of the inspection.  

5.  Excluded area(s) can be re-inspected for an additional fee.  The responsible party is determined by involved agents/individuals, not by Elite Home Inspections, it's officers or agents.

6.  Elite is not responsible for locating/assessing service meters or for loose pets.  Please have all pets confined prior to arrival.  Please have the entire property available for inspection during the scheduled time.

7.  Payment is due at the start of the inspection.  We do not accept payment at closing.  We accept - Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier Check, MC, Visa & Discover.

8.  Repair Verifications and Re-inspections require pre-payment to be confirmed on our schedule, and are not refundable.  These inspections start at $200.  Additional fees may apply.

9.  Arrival later than 1 hour after the initial start of the inspection may result in limited, or no, available time with the inspector(s) for report review. 

10.  The digital report will be emailed.  We do not print, mail or fax reports.

11.  We reserve the right to make price adjustments, on the invoice or on-site, due to an error.

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